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Collection of git hooks. Most of the pre-commit hooks are Go specific.


  • to install the hooks use:

    go get
    go get
    go get
    go get
  • on a Unix based system symlink it with

    ( cd .git/hooks && \
      ln -s $GOPATH/bin/git-gohooks pre-commit && \
      ln -s $GOPATH/bin/githook-gofmt pre-commit_01_gofmt && \
      ln -s $GOPATH/bin/githook-gobuild pre-commit_02_gobuild && \
      ln -s $GOPATH/bin/githook-gotest pre-commit_03_gotest )
  • on a Windows system in a command shell with Administrator privileges

    cd .git\hooks
    mklink /H pre-commit <YourGoPath>\bin\git-gohooks.exe
    mklink /H pre-commit_01_gofmt.exe <YourGoPath>\bin\githook-gofmt.exe
    mklink /H pre-commit_02_gobuild.exe <YourGoPath>\bin\githook-gobuild.exe
    mklink /H pre-commit_03_gotest.exe <YourGoPath>\bin\githook-gotest.exe