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Ingo Oeser
4bf421d848 Use filepath.Join
in order to get correct results on windows, too.
2015-08-22 23:08:05 +02:00
Ingo Oeser
8b627dab53 empty filenames don't have a suffix
so elide that condition. Even the small speed win is marginal,
since we just called exec before, which is way more expensive.
2015-08-22 22:59:27 +02:00
Ingo Oeser
d06d40e71a you actully CAN range over nil slices in Go
as Go will just handle it like an empty slice.
2015-08-22 22:55:05 +02:00
8924e8f5ce [general] fixed small "things" according to gometalinter 2015-08-01 09:19:26 +00:00
f4272325e7 [general] better failure result handling and method to list files
in current directory
2015-08-01 00:30:22 +00:00
e30a499eec [general] check return codes and seperate method to get the git
working copy root
2015-07-31 23:52:33 +00:00
0b02e2d1a0 [general] initial methods for easily getting changed files 2015-07-31 23:18:35 +00:00